2015 Board Hunt

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Your Black Hills PF Board/Banquet Committee recently got together for a liars session.....Oops!  I mean a pheasant hunt!  A hunt filled with some good shooting, a little camaraderie, and a whole lot of laughs between friends.  A little PF business may have even been discussed a little along the way, but mostly just a time to relax and enjoy a common past time....pheasant hunting.  Photo courtesy President Karl Castor.

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Back row:  Karl C. with dog Coala who is hiding, Jerry H. with yellow lab Charlie, and Jerry C.  Front Row:  Jerry S., Dave G. with dog Rocco, Troy S and dog Blue, Jeremiah & Mike P. with dog Major.


Success - Because of You

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Our Black Hills Pheasants Forever is really fortunate to have members and sponsors that are very generous in opening their wallets during our annual banquet and fund-raising event every September. 

Have you ever wondered just how the Board spends those unselfish dollars you contribute?  Every dollar that is raised at the local level is decided at the local level where those funds go.  Here is a snap shot at where your donations from outright donations to raffle tickets sales to auction fund go.

  • Legal Action Fund ($5000/year)                                          $75,000
  • GPA Project - Oral, SD (spent over a 6 year period)      11,500
  • GPA Project - Horsehead at Angustora Lake                        6,500
  • GPA Project - Hills Brothers at Angustora Lake                 16,000
  • Nesting Cover for Pheasants and Other Wildlife             23,000
  • Shrubs and Woody Cover Projects                                         25,000
  • Food Plot Seed:  Average 25 different locations/year    27,500
  • Scholarships:  Youth Education and Awareness               18,000
  • Riparian Projects                                                                             15,000
  • Easement Habitat                                                                              2,000
  • Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus - West                    5,000
  • South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures                            29,500
  • Public Hunting - Arthur and Tanya McIlravy Property       6,000
  • Bob Marshall Wilderness Camp - Custer State Park            2,775

Words just can't express our gratitude for all the support our members (old and new alike!) graciously give us each and every year.  We pay tribute to you and we salute you!  Thank you!!!!

SDYHA - A Great Partnership

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The following is the South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures (SDYHA) 2015 Fall Newsletter that was sent out to all mentors, mentee's, parents, landowners, and sponsors.  Many of our members are mentors in this program that gets our youth involved in not just hunting, but the great outdoors.  Please feel free to forward the link to this article to anyone that might be interested in becoming a mentor, a youth interested in the outdoors, a landowner or, of course, anyone interested in sponsoring the program.  Questions regarding the program should be directed to Deb Leatherman, SDYHA coordinator with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Black Hills.  She can either be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 605.343.1488.

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